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First lets look at some background information on affiliate marketing:

  • The U.S. affiliate market alone is huge – about $5.3 Billion was spent in 2017
  • It is expected to grow more than 10% each year -expected affiliate marketing spend is $6.8 Billion in 2020
  • The most popular affiliate marketing categories are: fashion, sports, health/wellness, money/investments/jobs
  • 81% Of Brands Use Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • (July 2018) The words “affiliate marketing” is searched for on google 165,000/month with a CPC rate of: $2.88.

So what exactly are the advantages with affiliate marketing. Well to summarize:

  • You can sell almost anything
  • Commissions can be very high
  • Real income is higher than in other online money making methods
  • There are hundreds of networks and millions of products that need to be sold
  • There is lots of help – sales funnels, landing pages, ad networks etc

The disadvantages are

  • You have to be pro active to be successful – it is not passive income
  • Getting sales can be difficult for beginners
  • You have to do Advertising – click here for help

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These are some of the Best affiliate marketing programs to join in 2018:

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  • Shareasale
    • Advantages
      • Offers easily comparable
      • Large partner network
      • Huge product base
      • Fast payment cycle (20th of the month)
      • Min $50 payout – by check or direct deposit
    • Disadvantages
      • Older reporting methods
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  • Flexoffers
    • Advantages
      • Diverse product range
      • Flexible payments & options
      • Min $25 payout by check, direct deposit, Payoneer, Min $100 for Paypal
      • International affiliates welcome
    • Disadvantages
      • Smaller commissions
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  • Tradedoubler
    • Advantages
      • Big clients
      • Professional
      • Benefit from influencer marketing
    • Disadvantages
      • Mostly EU markets
    • Best products click here
  • CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission junction)
    • Advantages
      • Large platform with millions of products
      • Good reporting
      • Access to various data
    • Disadvantages
      • Long payment cycle
    • Best Products click here
  • Rakuten
    • Advantages
      • Flexibility when promoting
      • Dynamic ad rotation
      • Simple sign up
    • Disadvantages
      • Smaller network
    • Best Products click here
  • Amazon Associates
    • Advantages
      • User friendly
      • Very large network
      • Millions of merchants
      • Well known (trust) & popular
    • Disadvantages
      • Low commission rates
    • Best Products click here
  • Avantlink
    • Advantages
      • A lot of merchants
      • Large amount of categories
      • Easy
    • Disadvantages
      • No live customer support
    • Best Products click here
  • Ebay
    • Advantages
      • periodic discounts
      • Big variety of products
      • Good fast payment cycle
      • Good commissions
    • Disadvantages
      • Better suited for advanced marketers
      • Fluctuating payment (PPC)
    • Best Products click here
    • Advantages
      • Reliable payment
      • High commissions
      • large client market
      • Min payout $100 via check, wire transfer, Paypal
    • Disadvantages
      • Only for digital products/ software etc
    • Best Products click here
  • Affiliate Partners Ltd.
    • Advantages
      • High payout rates
      • Very good support
      • Fast payouts
    • Disadvantages
      • Only in financial industry.
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High end products/networks:
There are a couple of high-end products which are sold by affiliates. These products will most likely sell in less quantity, but sometimes with high $1000+ payouts. But they are rare. Often they the product developer wants you to help launch/market his/her product. This is however not for everyone – try getting some experience first before signing up for high end networks. The list below lists networks which have had high end product launches in the past – you will have to check for availability. If you are an experienced affiliate marketer then you could try these networks:

    • Advantage
      • Additional revenue from recruited affiliates
      • Easy to use
      • Become an affiliate and a seller
      • There are also a lot of low cost products
    • Disadvantages
      • PayPal is only payout option
  • JVnotifypro
    • Advantages
      • Good commissions
      • Free to join – get VIP access for more benefits
    • Disadvantages
      • Better suited for experienced Affiliate marketers
  • Muncheye
    • Advantages
      • Clear layout of commissions and prices
      • Clear layout of launch dates
      • Good commission %
    • Diadvantages
      • Limited additional information & benefits
  • Warriorplus
    • Advantages
      • Limitless sales funnels
      • Very professional
      • Easy to use & automated

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