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Marketing is very important. That is why we at have dedicated an entire page for this.
It doesn’t matter which money making method you decide upon, YOU ARE GOING TO NEED MARKETING! MARKETING THAT BRINGS TRAFFIC!
Even if you are a freelancer or go with the passive money making methods – to be successful you will have to market yourself/ services/products. There are very few ways of making money online that DO NOT require marking, mostly those involving online trading.
So how do we market our sites/products/services?
Well there are 2 ways to market:

  • Paid marketing/ traffic
  • Unpaid marketing/ traffic

It doesn’t really matter which you choose, they both work. Each has some advantages/disadvantages. We will discuss these in greater detail in the members area.

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Right, so you have started freelancing, doing affiliate marketing or drop shipping. Now you need traffic.
Here at we like to split traffic into 2 categories (Paid and Unpaid):

Paid traffic

Most marketing can be done by buying traffic. There are countless programs and they differ greatly. It really depends on your product or service and the targeted audience. We differentiate between Search traffic, Social media traffic and content discovery. If you cannot find the right paid traffic source or are unsure, contact us we will try to help you find the right way to promote your product. Here are some of the best:

1. Paid search engine traffic

  • Paid SEO
    • Optimizing your site to be ranked higher in search engines will lead to increased organic traffic….go to our products page and scroll down to traffic/marketing section
  • Google adwords
    • Advantages
      • Lots of traffic (about 75% of search market)
      • Easy to scale
      • Ability to do remarketing
    • Disadvantages
      • Can be very expensive
      • Very competitive
      • Very strict on acceptance
  • YouTube
    • Advantages
      • Second largest search network after google
      • Relatively inexpensive
    • Disadvantages
      • For video content only
  • Bing ads
    • Advantages
      • Relatively Inexpensive
      • High quality traffic
      • Accept most campaigns
    • Disadvantages
      • Lower volume of traffic
      • A little more difficult to use & upscale
  • Yahoo Gemini
    • Advantages
      • Easy to use
      • Somewhat older audience with money
    • Disadvantages
      • Picky when accepting campaigns
      • Can be expensive
  • Yandex
    • Advantages
      • High quality traffic
      • Cheap
      • Good marketing tools
    • Disadvantages
      • Low volume
      • Big in Russia (This can be an advantage) also advises the use of some of these high end tools for search engine marketing:

  • Wordstream
    • Improve your Adwords campaigns and your ROI.
  • SpyFu
    • See what your competitors use as keywords and how much they are spending on Adwords.
  • SEMrush
    • See what your competition is paying for Adwords.

2. Paid Social media traffic

  • Facebook
    • Advantages
      • Very big – over 1 Billion users
      • Easily scalable
      • Lots of options
      • Great demographic targeting (high quality traffic)
    • Disadvantages
      • Very competitive
      • Relatively high prices
  • Twitter
    • Advantages
      • Big audience
      • Good keyword and demographic targeting (high quality traffic)
    • Disadvantages
      • Can be quite expensive
  • LinkedIn
    • Advantages
      • High quality traffic
      • Good for freelancers or other B2B
    • Disadvantages
      • Expensive
  • StumbleUpon
    • Advantages
      • Good for content sites
      • Cheap
    • Disadvantages
      • Lower quality traffic
  • Reddit
    • Advantages
      • Great for gamers and technology sites/products
    • Disadvantages
      • Not much optimizing options
  • Instagram
    • Advantages
      • Big audience
      • Young professional audience
    • Disadvantages
      • Importance of branding (mostly pictures)
  • Pinterest
    • Advantages
      • Very powerful by demographic targeting means
    • Disadvantages
      • Mostly real items – no digital products?

For social media there are tools available to help get you that edge on the competition:

  • Socialbakers:
    • Check what your competitors are doing on social media
  • BuzzSumo:
    • Takes the guess work out of social media marketing. See which ads work best on which social network.
  • Agora Pluse:
    • Shows Facebook and twitter posts immediately so you can respond quicker.

3. Paid Content discovery marketing

  • Outbrain
    • Advantages
      • Huge market
      • Great quality (organic)
    • Disadvantages
      • Great content is a must

Free Traffic

Some traffic can be produced through certain activities on your part that are free. Again there are 3 groups to distinguish between. This is search engine optimizing (SEO), content marketing and social media marketing. However there are some downsides to free traffic …see below…how deals with these.

1. Search engine optimizing (SEO)

  • SEO is done to increase search engine rankings of your landing site /website
  • SEO can be done by various methods:
    • Onpage SEO
      • Site performance
      • Meta tags
      • Canonical URLs
      • Internal links
      • Site map
      • 301/404 Errors
      • Keyword density
    • Offpage SEO
      • RSS feeds
      • Directory submission
      • Social bookmarking
      • Article marketing
      • Social media
      • Press release
      • Blog/ Forum/ comments

Tip: Use google analytics, google trends, Facebook insights etc. for creating better SEO strategies.
SEO is very important and a good tool to getting free organic (natural) traffic, but with the search engines changing their ranking algorithms regularly, we have to constantly adapt our SEO strategies in order to maintain a good ranking. Contact us for professional SEO.

2. Content marketing

Think of content marketing as a “word of mouth” strategy.

  • Create QUALITY web content, videos, FB pages, blog posts
  • Become an expert on your subject /niche
  • Spread the message by social media or accumulating a following
  • By gaining trust – you will be able to sell/ promote niche related products

Tip: Use google trends or google analytics to help make better decisions on content.

3. Social media marketing

This is marketing of your product or service on social media. Make posts or comments about your offerings or website on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

You can also use forums to spread word about your services /products. Post links and write about your offers on social media platforms and sites that are in your niche.

Tip: You can use Facebook Insights, SocialMention, SumAll etc.
Want to see how we do social media marketing? Get help here.
Disadvantages of Free traffic:

  • You have to be active online – it takes a lot of work to see results
  • Often it also takes a lot of time to see results
  • For SEO you have to know what you are doing – it is often better to have this done for you by a professional.

Visit our products page for other or related products. If you really do not know how and with what to start, contact us and sign up to become a member of
We will assist you as good as we can and will prepare a tailor made starter pack for you, to get you earning as soon as possible.

Visit our products page for other or related products. If you really do not know how and with what to start, contact us and sign up to become a member of
We will assist you as good as we can and will prepare a tailor made starter pack for you, to get you earning as soon as possible.

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