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Marketing is very important. That is why we at have dedicated an entire page for this.
It doesn’t matter which money making method you decide upon, YOU ARE GOING TO NEED MARKETING! MARKETING THAT BRINGS TRAFFIC!
Even if you are a freelancer or go with the passive money making methods – to be successful you will have to market yourself/ services/products. There are very few ways of making money online that DO NOT require marking, mostly those involving online trading.
So how do we market our sites/products/services?
Well there are 2 ways to market:

  • Paid marketing/ traffic
  • Unpaid marketing/ traffic

It doesn’t really matter which you choose, they both work. Each has some advantages/disadvantages. We will discuss these in greater detail in the members area.
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We will assist you as good as we can and will prepare a tailor made starter pack for you, to get you earning as soon as possible.

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