“What do I need to get my internet business going?” This is a common question that we at get to hear. In all research we did and with all the experience we have acquired over the years, we can sum this up in a few points:

  • Drive /determination

This is by far the most important requirement. You have to have a certain amount of motivation to achieve your goals! Thousands of entrepreneurs fail each day – why? This is simple but unfortunately very true – THEY GIVE UP TOO EARLY.

Nowadays everything is sold to us through instant gratification – it must be easy, fast and cheap. Which in essence teaches us that “good old hard work” and “perseverance” and “getting what you paid for” is all non-sense. That is however not entirely correct. The truth is that the easy, fast and cheap way to make money is often just a waste of time, energy and it seldom leads to success. It often makes other people money!

If you really are determined to succeed in wealth generation (online & offline), you will have to do your due diligence, research, get a business plan, execute this plan and get over hurdles. There will be obstacles on the way, and if you want to succeed you will have to deal with these. Get over them and go on! Don’t give up too easy. In other words: WORK HARD, BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS & DON’T GIVE UP!

  • Research

Although this is covered in the point above, I want to mention a few points about research. Research or “you due diligence” is very important. In drop shipping you would have to research your products, the suppliers, your competition and your potential customers. The same goes for affiliate marketing. In freelancing research would include what customers want, what price is acceptable and what market place to use. Use our products to help you…

  • Plan

This is where you decide on how to go about making money online. Will you need starting capital, a business plan or a strategy?

What will you sell/ promote? How will you sell it? Where will you sell it? How will you get customers? How much should they pay? Are there other ways of marketing or monetizing?

  • Action

Do it! Get researching and planning! Then activate your plan. Or outsource it.

  • Perseverance

This is the part where most beginners fail. With some very effective types of marketing it takes months even years before you see results. But if you give up too soon you will never see the results! Or people do research and see that markets for most products are already saturated and so they give up before even starting. YOU CANNOT WIN IF YOU’RE NOT IN THE GAME!

  • Maintenance

If you have succeeded in finding a profitable job, product or other way to make money online – keep at it, do all you can to keep customers returning, get new customers using the same method. At this stage most businesses can be outsourced or automated.

  • Other

Well internet access and a PC /mobile of some sort is a requirement.

Programming, design, web site building, selling, marketing and others are great qualities to have….but most can be obtained easily and affordably online. Visit our products page for help in most of these areas. 

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